Launcher parameters

Environment variables

  • OS_AUTH_URL - openstack keystone auth URL. Is required explicitly: v3 - http://keystone/url/v3, v2 - http://keystone/url/v2.0. Tests assume admin access for cloud management. In practice it requires admin auth URL usage. Keystone v2 is supported partially.
  • OS_USERNAME - openstack user name. By default is admin.
  • OS_PASSWORD - openstack user password. By default is password.
  • OS_PROJECT_NAME - openstack project name. By default is admin.
  • OS_PROJECT_DOMAIN_NAME - openstack project domain name. By default is default.
  • OS_USER_DOMAIN_NAME - openstack user domain name. By default is default.
  • OS_DASHBOARD_URL - URL of horizon dashboard. Is required for UI testing.
  • VIRTUAL_DISPLAY - Flag to notify that virtual framebuffer should be used. It requires of installed xvfb. Is disabled by default.
  • TEST_REPORTS_DIR - directory where test_reports folder will be created. By default it will be in directory where tests are launched.
  • OS_FLOATING_NETWORK - name of external (floating) network. By default is admin_floating_net.
  • OPENRC_ACTIVATE_CMD - command to source the admin credentials. By default is source /root/openrc.

Os-faults specific environment variables:

  • OS_FAULTS_CLOUD_DRIVER - Cloud driver. Can be one of devstack, fuel or tcpcloud.
  • OS_FAULTS_CLOUD_DRIVER_ADDRESS - Ip address of fuel master (or mk cfg) node.
  • OS_FAULTS_CLOUD_DRIVER_USERNAME - Username to connect to nodes. By default is root.
  • OS_FAULTS_CLOUD_DRIVER_KEYFILE - Path to private keyfile to connect via SSH to any node in cloud with OS_FAULTS_CLOUD_DRIVER_USERNAME.
  • OS_FAULTS_POWER_DRIVER - Name of os-faults power driver to cloud. By default it libvirt.
  • OS_FAULTS_POWER_DRIVER_URI - URI to connect to power driver.

Launch tests for components

py.test stepler/<component name>

For example:

py.test stepler/cinder

Available component names:

  • baremetal
  • cinder
  • cli_clients
  • glance
  • heat
  • horizon
  • keystone
  • neutron
  • nova
  • swift


Be sure that you specify all required environment variables before launching. Please keep in mind, that some components require additional environment variables. For example, horizon requires OS_DASHBOARD_URL and VIRTUAL_DISPLAY.

Pytest options

  • --disable-steps-checker - Suppress steps consitency checking before tests. Only for debugging. Isn’t recommended on production.
  • --snapshot-name <snapshot name> - Specify environment snapshot name for cloud reverting. Is required for destructive tests.
  • --bugs-file <file path> - Define a path to file, which contains opened bugs for tests. These tests will be skipped according to file info. More details are in Third party modules.